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Deborah and Brian Martin set up home in this lovely part of Spain, during the early part of 2002. In the process of selecting our home, we spent many weeks being ushered around various parts of Malaga's hinterland by a selection of estate agents. I think we met many different flavours ! The variety went from fast eddy ( " oh just make the cheque out to me" ) to certain individuals who seemed to think they were actually doing you a favour. Needless to say, we also met some lovely people who genuinely did a professional job. However,we both felt there to be a gap in the market for a company who would treat clients as people, and listen to what the clients say, tailoring each and every viewing to specific needs and requests. We hope that Lacasanova.com can do just that. Get in touch, let us hear what you are looking for in this wonderful part of the world, and we will do our best for you. Give lacasanova.com a try, and contact us soon.

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Our Spanish home,  about 20 minutes from Malaga, was complete structurally, when we decided to purchase. However there still remained several items of paperwork outstanding to complete our purchase. Having experienced many of the pitfalls that can occur whilst purchasing in Spain, particularly inland properties, we feel suitably qualified to pass on our experience to our customers. Having now lived in Spain for five years and had the pleasure of meeting dozens of clients, we feel we are in the right business ! Helping clients, many of whom are now friends, find that dream home here in the sunshine, where people have time to say hello !

Summer 2006. We are now into our fifth year of running our business, lacasanova.com. The past few years have taught us much; but the overriding lesson we have learnt is that our personal approach to our clients, the one to one relationship that we have developed with them, cannot be achieved by offering free trips to Spain, free lunches or other such enticements, but by constant care and the attention to detail that has allowed lacasanova.com to stand out from the crowd, offering true service to all we work with.

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