La Casa Nova
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New three bed townhouse, Carvajal. New three bed townhouse, Carvajal.

Two bedrooms
Two bedrooms
Frequently asked questions
" Is there a physical limitation, such as age, etc..., imposed on people interested in buying and/or living at SENSARA?
The main requirement, which only affects people who want to live in the complex ( you can own at any age ). In order to live permanently in the complex at least one of the persons must be over the age of 55, and may be accompanied, on a permanent basis, by persons over the age of 18.

" Can I sell or lease my dwelling to whomever I want for the price I want?
There are not restraints to the sale of apartments at the price deemed appropriate by owners. Nonetheless, the person who is going to use the property must satisfy the requirements for living at the SENSARA Benalmádena Residential Complex. Apartments may also be leased without any restraints, for the price deemed appropriate, but only to persons that satisfy the requirements set forth in the Statutes of the Community of Property Owners.

" Can my dwelling be inherited?
The dwelling can be inherited, but can only be used by persons over the age of 55.

" If one of the heirs is over the age of 55 and the others are not, can they all live at SENSARA?
The only one who can live at SENSARA is the heir who is over the age of 55, thus satisfying the statutory requirements.

" I am over the age of 55, my wife is under the age of 55, and I have two sons, one who is 20 and the other 15. Can we all live at SENSARA?
The adults can live at SENSARA on a permanent basis. The sons can only live there if they are over the age of 18.

" In the event we were away for some months, could my children or some friends live in the house?
Provided at least one of the friends using the property was over the age of 55, they could use the apartment. The children could use it provided they habitually lived with a resident over the age of 55.
" Can I have a pet?
Domestic animals are accepted at SENSARA, but their owners are liable for their custody and for all damages they may cause.

The one bedroom apartments
The one bedroom apartments
A few of the special Sensara Features
Designed for those who believe that age is a state of mind, at any time of life. You are offered the keys to your own private, luxurious apartment in one of the most desirable locations in Europe, and asset that will grow perennially, just like the lush gardens surrounding this beautiful development.
Lifts can be used with wheelchairs and will have buttons with Braille
Access ramps with maximum slope of 8 %
Stairways with handrails on both sides
Handrails all along common hallways
Extra-wide doorways in bedroom and master bathroom to enable access of wheelchairs.
Master bathroom is wide enough to enable wheelchair to turn around. For this reason washbasin does not have a stand and the bathroom door opens outwards.
In the master bathroom, water temperature can be regulated with the shower thermostat, thus avoiding the risk of getting burned.
The toilet is of a special height (46 cm) to make it easier to use for a person with limited mobility.
All sockets in the dwelling are located 60 cm from the floor to avoid having to bend down to use them.
Alarm system in the bathroom

Sports and Leisure Facilities
Outdoor pool
Tennis court
Bowling green
SPA with:
Gymnasium equipped with machines for aerobic and anaerobic exercises
Massage and physiotherapy room
Turkish bath
Heated pool
Toilets and dressing room
Club House with diverse facilities:
Terrace with view of the sea

" How much are community fees and how do I know that they will not be increasing all the time?
Community fees will be approximately 300 Euros a month. They will include expenses for the maintenance of the complex and its services. These services, together with administration fees and the use of leisure areas, are included in the Community Statutes. The cost of the services will be updated as they vary, and the administration fees in accordance with the Consumer Price Index, so that community fees will increase at the same rate as cost of living.

" Will I be kept informed regarding the use of the money I pay to the Community?
Each member of the community will receive detailed information regarding the use of the money paid to the community. Every year the Administrator will prepare budgets and a detailed settlement of all community expenditure. These expenses are charged monthly in accordance with the corresponding receipt, on which full details will also be specified.

" What will happen if facilities such as the restaurant, the bar or the laundry are not profitable? Will we have to assume the costs?
These leisure elements do not belong to the community. They are privately owned, and in case they generate deficits the community will not incur any charges.

" If I do not use certain services, such as the Spa or the Business centre, do I have to pay for them anyway?
In accordance with the Community Statutes, all members have to pay for the services that form part of the special character of the SENSARA Benalmádena complex.
" What happens to people who do not pay their community fees?
In the event of non-payment of fees, owners will not be entitled to use common facilities. In addition, they may be sanctioned by the community and finally legal action may be taken against them pursuant to the summary proceedings provided in the Horizontal Property Act.

view east
view east

View south
View south
Prices start at around 225,000 euros.
Completion during September 2005. Call Brian (0034) 610 827 330 to arrange your own tour of the show suite.

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All property details and particulars are presented for information only. Buyers are advised to obtain professional advice before entering into any contractural agreements.