Curriculum Vitae


Name:            Brian James Martin, British.                                      Date of birth: 14 April 1951

Status:           married with no dependent children                     Email:

Contact:         +971 50 199 1406              


Address:         P.O. Box 6557, Ras al Khaimah, UAE.


Personal Profile:

More than 38 years in the aviation profession as Aircraft Commander, Chief Pilot, Flight Operations Manager, Flt Ops. Director and substantial marketing/sales/equipment assessment and acquisition experience. Worldwide experience, especially Middle East, C-130 pilot Royal Air Force, transport operations.  JAR/FAR/GCAA ops experience.


With my previous employer I held GCAA approved postholder positions as Flight Operations Director and Accountable Manager.

More the 15 years resident in the Middle East and Africa.

Contract negotiation, personal contact skills, many Executive Aviation contacts at different levels, recruitment and retention skills with aviation and management staff.

Ability to cope with and resolve difficult situations, positive attitude and problem solver. Experience of staff integration; new pilots/operating techniques into existing operations, assess abilities and create training requirements with regard to standardisation.

Counselling and mediation skills. 

Marketing of company services, expansion and retention of client base.




John Watson’s School, Edinburgh, 1960-1969

“A” levels in Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Biology and Modern Studies

Queens’ University, 1969-1971 studied Aeronautical engineering.


Completed 8 years service as pilot with the Royal Air Force in the UK,

Flying global operations on the C-130, experience in hostile/extreme environments.


Upper Liveryman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators


Qualified Assessor of level 6 English.


Qualifications:           UK ATPL and FAA ATP (plus 6 countries validations, including UAE)


Aircraft Types:                                                        Hours

HS 125 series 1,3,400,600,700,800,800XP         6800

Embraer 145 – British Airways                              2200

Jetstream 41 – Manx Airlines Europe                   1200

BAC 1-11        Dan Air + various private owners   1500

Citation 1 & 2                                                            650   

Several other types including Lockheed Jetstar,

C-130             Hercules, Jet Provost, Islander, Aztec,

Falcon 2000, Navajo, Vickers Varsity, totalling    2800


Total:                                                                      15000+


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Having been in the fortunate position of having had exposure to many different aspects of the aviation profession; airline, military, VIP, charter, in many different parts of the world, ( including 10 years in Saudi Arabia ) I am now able to draw from a broad spectrum of experience in operations, AOC administration and line training.


My wife Deborah and I feel at home here in the UAE and wish to purchase a property here, hopefully continuing to live here for the long term.  We both enjoy outdoor life in terms of walks and 4x4 off roading.  As we have no dependent children, only our two cats, during our time off we get out and about to experience as many of the local sights and sounds as possible.


Key Skills & Attributes:

I held a UK ATPL and a US ATP for many years and have operated under both JAA and FAA regulations in airline and Executive Operations. I consider myself a good manager of people and believe I am capable of motivating my staff to improve the standards and quality of the product.  Peers have told me that I am capable of commanding respect, am able to see the ‘wood for the trees’ and have a good sense of vision of what is needed not only now but well into the future.  Ability to create and maintain financial plans and budgets.  Arrange up stream and downstream communications channels. Last position gave accountability over aircraft valued at more than 120 million USD. Well versed in maintaining good relationships with 3rd parties and peers. Able to maximise assets to produce best return on investment.  Team management and morale building, promotion of individuals to obtain best results. I have reasonable communication skills, (speaking survival Spanish and French!); consider myself capable with PC’s and most common software packages.


Career History


Company: Dana Executive Jets                                                                 Date: Jan 08   to Nov 08.


Job Title:   Operations Manager then Director of Operations/Accountable Manager.


VVIP/Royal flight operated under GCAA approved AOC, Airbus 318-Elite, Gulfstream 5, Challenger 604 and Hawker 800/XP.


Responsible for all aspects of the operation, asset management, security, insurance, setting up security and systems to ensure all GCAA requirements are met. Sourcing and interview of aircrew, cabin, quality, engineering and administration staff. Scheduling and assessment of training input and results. Appointment and appraisal of postholders. The creation of HR procedures and processes, liaison with the GCAA, sourcing of new types of aircraft, looking at costs and ensuring the charter side of the business subsidised, as far as possible, the Royal Family’s ‘in-house’ flights. Setting up of internal, self managing teams to ensure standards are constantly examined and improved. Focus on actual improvement not just ‘box-ticking’ .


Motivation of staff to ensure constant self examination of safety and standards. Involvement in the creation of marketing and client sourcing. Liaison with Charter brokers and business expansion using many contacts gathered over the years throughout the Middle East and Europe.


I keep myself up to date on new products and equipment in the market place, always on the lookout for way of increasing operational safety and efficiency.  I have a letter of no objection from DANA in order that I remain working in the UAE.


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Company: Eastern Skyjets, Dubai.                       Date:  Sep 2007                               to Jan 2007

Job Title:  Operations Manager


Types operated included the Jetstream 41 and MD 83, on public transport operations. Support for Afghan operations, including liaison with US Government agencies and contract quality control. Kandahar and Bagram daily flights, Iraq charters and general support of ops into hostile areas.

Sadly, in my opinion, the Company did not offer long term prospects. I left on amicable terms.




Company:                               Date:  April 2003                         to Sep 2007


Job Title:        COO and Managing Director of own property company.

Responsibilities for all financial dealings, tax matters, marketing, chasing and recovery of accounts, turnover in excess of 4,000,000 Euros/pa. This was intended as a ‘holiday’ from aviation for a couple of years and was extremely successful. Responsibility for marketing and advertising to create large customer base ( more than 3500 clients ) for sales and resales.




Company: Netjets Middle East/Europe                  Date: Jan 2001                              to April 2003


Job Title: Chief Pilot Middle East then line Captain Line Captain Net-Jets Europe                           


Arrangement of leave, creation of rosters and the patience to make it all work! Recruitment, assessment and selection of aircrew, by interview, simulator and written test. My position also required my skills as a line Captain on the Falcon 2000 and Hawker 800XP. Fleet included Gulfstream 4, Falcon 2000 and Hawker 800XP, plus more than 50 pilots and cabin staff to manage. Organised training schedules, helped put together one of the first month on/month off rotations in the Middle East. Budget planning.  Creation of an effective team in operations and crew training so as to maximise expenditure within NJME. 




Company:       British Airways                                 Date: April 1994                          to Dec 2000


Job Title: Captain line pilot and BALPA representative/member counselling.                     

Operated Embraer 145 aircraft. Launch customer for type in the UK. Scheduled services to destinations throughout Europe. Usual airline captain responsibilities, plus voluntary additional duties with the British Airline Pilots Association as representative for base. Assisted with pilots personal problems and counselling individuals.




Company:       Wessex Air Ambulance                    Date: April 1992                          to Jan 1994


Job Title: UK CAA approval as Chief Pilot for global air ambulance operations. Operated HS 125 dedicated air ambulance throughout the world. Organised crews and scheduling ensuring 24/7 cover for several different insurance companies, accounting, invoicing, quotations, marketing and advertising, line checking for pilots. Set up engineering services for aircraft and liaison with the CAA. CAA approval gained to extend the operating area throughout the world.